Emotional Wealth: The Keys to the Drive

What if I told you that a person’s bank account was only the surface of his wealth?

If you took all the money away from a self-made millionaire, would you really be surprised if he had two million dollars by the end of next year?

Have you wondered why certain people are poor generation after generation, while others go from being at the bottom of the social-economic ladder to the top in merely a few years?

If you think the answer is luck, then perhaps you should go buy the lottery. Maybe you’ll win the jackpot.

I create my own luck.

How? It’s called emotional wealth.

Do you have it?

If yes, congratulations. I welcome you. If not, you are in the right place.

I’m going let you in on a little secret.

This blog is your emotional wealth dealership.

Here at Truth and Strength, we have a transaction going on between us. You give me your time, your most valuable resource. In turn I give you emotional wealth. It’s a good deal if you ask me.

So what is emotional wealth?

Simply put. Emotional wealth is the collection of traits, thoughts, and habits that make you unstoppable.

Simply simply put. Emotional wealth is the DRIVE.


I can elaborate. But first let me clarify something.

I have said that all clichés are true, but only if you validate them with experience.

Having a cliché or motto without experience is like having a Porsche without the keys. It is fancy to look at but it won’t get you to Winners-ville.

So by sharing with you the contents of Truth and Strength, I can deal you the products of my dealership: A collection of virtues and strategies that can take anyone far in life. But only if you have the keys.

First up: The tenacious Land Rover is finding comfort in discomfort.

My key was taking cold showers and going to the gym for three months straight. And without masturbating once. Everything else in life became easy after that.

Next up: The resilient Jeep is being grateful for every challenge.

My key was telling a girl in college straight up that I fancied her, getting rejected, walking away with dignity, and feeling good about myself afterwards.

Finally: The magnetic Porsche is flowing with the love of life.

My key was, and is to never stop learning. It took me years of searching specifically for what I enjoyed best. When I found them, I didn’t stop. I built upon them. Today my diet is good, my physique is good, and my relationships are good. Nothing in my life is compromised or sacrificed. It took me many years to realize my favorite food, lifestyle, studying habits, conversation topics…the list goes on… Today I strive to retain only the good in my life, and discard the useless and damaging.

How do you love everything in your life? Easy. Fill your life with things you love.

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” – Bruce Lee

These are the principles to becoming tenacious, resilient, and magnetic…In PRINCIPLE.

The rest is found in your own life…In EXPERIENCE.

However, I have some good news for you. You are here because you have a reason.

You want something to give your life meaning. You would rather drop dead than become the walking dead.

Maybe you looked around at the office zombies and was disgusted to pit of your soul.

Maybe you realized with horror the horror that is the latest television gossip.

Maybe you are tired of Netflix being the best part of your day.

When you get to this point, you will know you have the keys.

Get the “cars” from here, there, and everywhere. Or build them yourself. Make your own auto motto. The cost is the same anywhere: Time and effort. Once you obtain both the motto and experience, you will know that you have emotional wealth, aka the DRIVE.

Then you will enjoy this ride.

Feel the breeze through the windshield.

Next stop Winners-ville.

Until next time,

Your friend.


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