“Why are you so happy?”

Why are You Happy“Wow you are happy all the time.”

Thanks for noticing.

“I wish I can be happy all the time.”

You can.

“But it’s exam season, and I have to study again.”


“I have to go to work again.”


“I want a vacation.”

I’m sure you do.

“I just want to party and catch up on some Netflix”

Of course you do.

“Can’t you relate?”

Not really.

“But why aren’t you ever sad?”

I am happy even when I am sad.

“Seriously, how can you be happy all the time?”

Because I create. I work hard. I obsess over my passions. I employ discipline.

“Yeah but what do you do when life gets hard?”

When life smacks me in the face, I grin and laugh.

When I don’t succeed, I work even harder.

When I am lost, I don’t go around asking everybody for advice. I listen to my heart and make a decision.

If I don’t know how to do something, I go learn it.

I listen, I filter, I feel and I aspire.

“Okay, but what do you do for fun?”

My work is most of my fun. Everything else is fun too, but I don’t need to talk about it all the time.

“Yeah well that sounds kinda boring. Don’t you socialize?”

Yes. I joke and laugh. But all that is not nearly as exciting as working on my craft.

I avoid the Facebook news tickers like it’s the plague. I don’t read articles about how to find my “feminine side” or  “top ways to dress new age”. I have a solid identity that I myself have created.

I do not feel the need to impress others. I do not feel the need to comment on every opinion that comes my way.

Some things in life are complicated. I’ve figured out that most things are not.

“Don’t you have emotions?”

Yes. Guilty as charged.

I feel fear.



But I do not need to take pills or distract myself with mainstream media to feel better.

I take action, and I seek wisdom. I surround myself with positive people who share my love of life. Then I am happy.

I am never over-emotional.

I meet every emotion with action, and in turn that emotion becomes my strength.

“Okay I get it. You’re special. Stop rubbing it in, geez. Why are you so serious?”

You know, it’s funny.

“What is?”

This narrative.

“Why are you laughing?”

I am laughing at how pathetic you sound.

I laugh because all it takes is flipping a mental switch.

“What switch? What are you talking about?”

I am talking about having absolute control over your life, and not the other way around. Victory instead of victim.

“It’s not that easy.”

It takes years of work to become unbreakable. Unstoppable. Unconsciously disciplined.

But the switch is a one-time deal.

“You’re so cliché, lighten up.”


Laugh and joke all you want. To me life is a completely serious endeavor.

Okay, if that’s the way you want it. But I’m going back to chatting with my friends about the new so-and-so song and the new so-and-so movie. You keep living in that boring world. You think you’re so high and mighty. This weekend me and my buds are going to party and have a sweet time, and you won’t be there because you’ll be too busy working out, writing or learning.

Come on. Don’t you see that deep-down you’re just like the rest of us?

Just because you dedicate every waking moment to improving yourself.

Just because you do not complain with other people.

Just because you do as you say and never pussy-foot around answers.

Just because you don’t spend hours a day on social media.

Just because you don’t invest time in things you don’t care about.

Just because you don’t drink or smoke weed and get high.

Just because you are a man with pride in his heart and fire in his eyes.


Say what you want.

You know what I think?

Until you decide to drop your excuses this very moment.

Until you decide to take responsibility for your life.

Until you decide that self-destruction and empty masturbation are the same things.

Until you stop consuming junk made by empty people.

Until you feel driven to wake up at 7 AM on a Monday. On a Wednesday. On a Sunday.

Until you believe in TRUTH and STRENGTH.

I will always. Always. Be happier than you.

The choice is yours.

Until next time.

-The Winner


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