The Joy of Creating

Plainly put. We live in a world of product.

Everywhere around us are things that otherThe Joy of Creating people have brought into this world, by their volition and effort. We see people who have all the joy in the world making things you and I use.

Many of us are consumers, and rightly so. We seek happiness from novelty, and from partaking in things which inspire and entertain us.

We will gladly pay with our money, our time, and our emotional resources for things that other people have conceived.

And as I say, there is nothing wrong with consuming.

But as the balance of life would dictate, we also require the other half of the equation. We require output as much as input. Work as much as fuel. Production as much as consumption.

Simply put. I sincerely believe that to become fulfilled, one must create.

I must. You must. We must.

It is what countless people before us have done, and it is what countless people around us are doing this very moment.

A creation is something new to the world. It is something born out of nothingness. It begins at the conception of idea, materializes via your actions, and continues through life as seeds for other creations. It is produced, imprinted, consumed, and produced again as something different. This is the way it has always been.

This is the cycle of intellect that has rewarded our species. This is the progressive realization of human potential.

This is why we are here.

And where we are is on the cusp of a revolution. An explosion.

All one has to do is to look around. The advent of information technology has taken a previously fast process into top gear. What I am doing here was but a faint possibility merely 15 years ago. What YouTube is today was seen as a gimmick just 10 years ago. All the while it is the same basic cycle, just happening at light speed.

So, my friends, what are you waiting for?

Ride this combustion now. Don’t wait.

Find whatever format you like, and create a way to project you to the world.

As long as it is the genuine you.

When you create, you only need to ask yourself this.

Who am I creating for, first and foremost?

You know the answer deep down.

You should create first and foremost for you.

It doesn’t matter what you are creating. It matters that it is something you are proud of.

Your own ideas will change lives. Your own product will change people.

It will bring you all the joy in the world. And it will bring other people joy.

It is the way our minds work, and it is the way it should be.

So own your creation.

And create often.

Use discipline, and follow your heart.

Never stop.

It will bring you JOY.

Until next time.

Your friend,



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