3 Rules of the Resilient

Before we begin, let me tell you something.

This article is not a hipster drum circle of positive emotions. It’s not a magic show. I’m not here to tell you that your life is groovy and gravy. It is not here to poke fun at walking winners and their feats of emotional mastery.

No, friend.

This is Truth and Strength.

I’m here to tell you that negative emotions are a part of life.

And those who keep in stride with their emotions? They are to be celebrated and honored.

Here and now, I am going to give you three pieces of advice in order to be a happy, resilient, winner. Forever.

Three simple rules.

Are you ready? Because if you aren’t, you aren’t.

But if you are, pull up your sock and let’s rock.

#1: Stop pitying yourself

You are upright and drawing air in the year 2016. Despite your problems, your family’s problems, and the world’s problems, this is still a fantastic time to be alive.

You are not a helpless infant that life pushes around. You ARE the creator of your life. Every decision was and is yours to make.

Stop looking at others to blame.

Stop blaming.

Stop complaining.

Start seeing the bad as the good.

Start seeing your struggles as food.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

“Pain is a privilege”- Bruce Lee

You are going to feel sadness, and you are going to face fear.

But you can see beyond the present view. You turn those feelings into fuel. You shine better under pressure, and burn brighter in bad weather.

Friend, you ARE a winner.

Some people placate themselves with mindless distractions. Some people pop pills without a proper medical diagnosis. Some people suppress their anxieties so that they don’t have to face them.

You are not some people. In fact you aren’t most people. In this arena of life, you would rather face Goliath than be a spectator.

Say to yourself.

“Yes I am afraid. Yes I do feel overwhelmed. But dammit, I am going to overcome this. PERIOD”

When life weighs heavy on your shoulders, don’t sink. Don’t blink.

Just get excited, and rise to the occasion.

Do not ask for an easier life. Ask for more opportunities to BE BETTER in life.

And remember.

A smooth sea has seldom made a skilled sailor.

#2: Special is as Special DOES

In an age where participation trophies and meaningless awards run rampant, you need to humble yourself. Ask yourself if you actually deserve praise.

Praise is meaningless if it is handed out to everyone. Real praise is earned. Don’t be afraid to be ignored.

Yes. You are a miracle of life.

Yes. You are one lucky sperm.

So what?

Are you going to sit around and mope because others are praised and you aren’t? Or are you going to have some self-respect?

Stop hoping for success to waltz into your lap.

Stop trying to find that one thing you are a natural at.

Work hard and success will flow naturally.

Stop all your excuses of deserving more.

You deserve EXACTLY what you have right now.

If you want to be special, act like it.

Work harder, work smarter, and be more obsessed.

Seize the day every day.

#3 Be honest with everyone

Stop it with the passive aggression.

Stop it with the inferred messages.

Stop lying to people’s faces while pretending to be nice.

Stop being a weasel who talks with long winded words.


Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Make your vocabulary clear and concise.

Say these words after me.

“I want”.

“I need”.


Stop trying to obtain respect. The weak seek respect.

The resilient respect themselves first.

Quit the nice-person act.

Act like a person who knows what they want. Allow others to judge the REAL you.

Act like a person who knows who they are. Because…

“Nothing is real if you don’t believe in who you are.”

― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

That’s all for now folks.

Truth. Check.

Strength. Check.

Until next time.

Your resilient friend,



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  1. As someone who is slowly recovering from a major depressive phase, this is all I needed to hear to once again raise my head and continue doing the things I need in order to become the person I want. Thanks.
    The phrase I’m living by is: Sacrifice the person you are to become the person you can be.
    Resilience always.

    • Hello Laetitia.

      Thanks for reading. I hope you achieve that which you’ve set out to do.

      I agree, sometimes we have to give up a little in the short term to obtain fulfillment in the long term.

      Good luck.

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