Friends, this site is about self-improvement

Listed below are the resources that have helped me on my journey.

I will never link anything here that I have not personally used and enjoyed. That is a promise.

  1. Every person who is serious about getting fit should have an Ab wheel. It’s cheap, and really a lot better than any Bull-Flex BS out there for getting a thick, strong mid section.
  2. Foam roller and lacrosse ball– For those who work out alot and/or deal with muscle tightness issues, I have two recommendations. Number one is a good foam roller, which if used correctly can alleviate tightness in large muscle groups. For the hard to reach places I suggest a good lacrosse ball set.
  3. P90X– I have done P90X for 5+ years. The workouts are intuitive, diverse, and effective. Even better is the fact that one can do these exercises anywhere. Simply convert the DVD’s to audio (after you’ve learned the movements) and add them to your MP3 player. Then you can do the workouts that do not require weights in a park, trail, or even your own backyard if you want.
  1. Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger. A book written by a true man’s man, who also happens to be one of my greatest inspirations. Within this book Arnold shares important lessons on achieving success and dealing with challenges in life. I always value the words of someone who has walked their own walk and achieved their goals, and Arnold is absolutely that type of person.
  2. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl: I referred to Mr. Frankl in The Trinity of Happiness. His views on happiness have helped immensely on my road to optimism. To say that I highly recommend this read is an understatement.