A Primer on Freedom

Freedom is free. Always was, and always will be. It is inside you, and it is inside me.

Freedom is free, so long as you believe it to be.

Before we begin, let me say that I will not tell you to take my words at face value. I am glad if they make sense. Consider them thoroughly now, and forget them for the rest of your day.

The beauty of a person’s two cents is simple: That is all a seed costs.

Now I will tell you what freedom means to me.

Freedom is the perceived breadth of choices you deem to be possible in your life. It is a mindset. It can be small and impoverished. Or it can be vast, and quite possibly beyond infinite.

Think about it this way.

Your job, your spouse, your home, and your career. They are all choices that you have made at a certain point in time. Your choices often appear to build up and influence each other. Freedom is the absence of that influence. More freedom means you have made more choices based on their own merit rather than the by necessity based on previous choices.

I offer you a perspective.

If your perceptions of your past actions and of future aspirations hinder what you are able to appreciate in the present, then I offer that you have lost freedom.

If you tell me that your work is necessary for your mortgage, and that your mortgage is necessary for your family, and that your family is necessary for your happiness, I simply ask you this.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything different?

If your answer is an absolute no, then no it is. Accept it, and move on. But know that one action cannot define who you are.

The key is to nurture the belief that endless possibilities exist.

Instead of saying someday, cultivate the mindset of some way.

You can have the stuff of your dreams.

Here is a grain of truth you may not like to hear, because it seems too simple to be true.

Your belief creates your reality.

The tools for achieving whatever you want are already within you.

Below I will give you a few bits of knowledge that you can use to start on the road of freedom. The caveat is that freedom cannot be taught, and what I am doing in this article is merely showing you some vehicles. But you must learn to be the driver.

If you stop reading here, just know this:

The truest and only freedom you will ever need is the intrinsic freedom that is granted to you by the human mind.

Nothing else matters.

Enjoy these tips.

One. Live below your means.

Strive to not buy things on credit. Pay for things with what you have earned, never with what you will earn. Living with debt is a shackle for most people because there is constantly advance payment owed to others, and is therefore not much different than indentured servitude.

Having money in the bank means nothing if the money is not truly yours. Having a car that can be taken away from you because of debt means you do not own it 100%, thus you do have it at all.

If you live below your means there is no shadow weighing on your mind every time you make a purchase. You will then be able to enjoy what you buy a lot more.

Moreover, you will see that material goods are a means to serve you, and never the other way around. Consider this thoroughly before convincing yourself of any purchase or investment on credit, no matter how tempting.

Two. Strive for self-employment.

It is never too late or too early to start on the road of self-employment.

Whether you are working for, with, or without someone, every job is part of a business.

A business is always defined by one simple concept:

People pay for a product or a service. Money or time goes in, and a product or service comes out.

Grocery shops, banks, and even the government are all businesses operating on this model.

No matter the size, no matter the middlemen, no matter the labels of morality, a business is simply a business. The better service out, the more money in. At least, that it the way it should be in an ideal world.

But for a minute forget about corruption, monopoly, and lack of upward mobility. You do not have to engage. No one is forcing you to work the job you are working. If you do not want to do it, simply realize that it is possible. Instead of looking for the ideal business to work for, why not create it and work for yourself?

Starting something unconventional is scary. But scary is why people pay money to jump out of airplanes. Scary is why people go to casinos. No man who ever asked his dream girl on a date was not scared to some extent. No physician working for the Red Cross in a war zone was without a hint of primal fear.

I offer that for any endeavor that your heart approves of, that you replace the word scary with the word thrilling.

The beauty of the FREE market is that it is as infinite as the human imagination.

As I have pointed out before, we live in an age of technological boom. There are perhaps infinite possibilities given the advent of the internet, and we as creators can serve our goals by riding the waves of this combustion.

As Jack Ma, the extremely successful businessman and founder of Ali Baba once said:

“If the internet [market] is a marathon; we have run but perhaps ten meters.”

Start that YouTube Channel, write that blog, create that website, or do anything.

Do it for you, and let your light be an inspiration to others.

Three. Invest in people.

Many people who are on their last breaths realize that their biggest regrets (which I do not believe in) in life were either not spending enough time with significant people in their lives, or not being true to themselves.

In both cases the absence of investing in human beings plays the pivotal role.

Both relationships and self-realization require time and effort to become fulfilling. Choosing to spend quality time with others and by oneself is a gift that holds tremendous value down the road.

Laugh, share, and learn.

Do not take yourself that seriously in dealing with other people, but take your journey of self-development very seriously- Or at least, with the utmost earnestness.

Life is like a vending machine. Telling it how much you need something yields you nothing.

Putting in your deposit in the form of time, effort, and discipline yields everything.

That is all.

Live unafraid, for freedom has no expiry date.

Until next time.

Your friend,


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