How I Found My Heart

December 11, 2016 Tie Fighter 1

I’ve been searching. Not for something, or someone, and not for some higher truth. For the longest time I could not put my fingers on it, and yet I knew it was there, growing and being nourished. […Read more]


The Manifesto of Excellence

August 11, 2016 Tie Fighter 0

To my fellow men and women. To those of the “millennial” generation. To every parent, child, and citizen. Allow me this humble opinion: I respect competence, confidence, and those who dared to fail. I respect […Read more]


3 Rules of the Resilient

June 19, 2016 Tie Fighter 2

Before we begin, let me tell you something. This article is not a hipster drum circle of positive emotions. It’s not a magic show. I’m not here to tell you that your life is groovy and gravy. […Read more]


A Short on Self-love

May 18, 2015 Tie Fighter 5

Believe in yourself, not in an arrogant, narcissistic way. But in the way we are all meant to. That is, without expectation or angst. It is walking everyday with your head held high KNOWING that should you fall, there is a person just waiting to catch you. […Read more]