Never Settle, Never Stop

The truth is that the world is an unfair place.

Some of us are born with inherent privileges, others with none at all. Some of us are born with what others define as limitations- And perhaps they are. Some people are born with more of what seem like courage and determination- And perhaps that is exactly what they are.

A great deal of things cannot be proven or dis-proven by conventional science, but conventional wisdom tells us that we are not born equal, and we will never completely be equal.


I think that is the way it ought to be.

I think that a person’s worth is not defined by where he starts with in life, but rather by the distance he has ran. No amount of wealth in this world can buy the kind of pride that a person has when he has gone the distance in pursuit of his.

That brings us to the topic of this blog. Yours.

At this juncture, it does not matter where you stand in life.

Never ever settle.

If it is yours to have, take it with full intent. If you want something, go after it. Period.

When you are taking you might think that you are doing so at the expense of others.

You may think that it is wrong, and that you are being greedy. That it is unfair to reap what is given to you by your privileges. Keep telling yourself that, while your heart suffers.

Those thoughts are nothing by monkey chatter. The truth is that we are all takers and payers, whether we realize it or not. We pay others with our time, money, and attention. What you get in return is up to you.

The smart ones among us chose what they take, and happily pay so that they can get what they want- Continuously.

On that note, here is how you pay to get what you want:

Number ONE: Take risks.

Do something out of the ordinary each day. CREATE. Anything spontaneous. If your creativity fails, do something that you have been meaning to do, but are afraid to. It does not matter what. Leverage what you have today for what you will have tomorrow. Never ever settle for less.

Number TWO: Learn.

If you don’t know something, learn it.

You don’t need hundreds of books and you don’t need to attend special seminars. Everything you need to learn is on the web. Most of it is free, too.

You found this blog because you sought it out. Congratulations, you are on the right track. Now go out and fill you mind to your fancy. GO.

Do not be afraid of being picky. You will be rewarded with experience and wisdom.

Number THREE: Work hard.

Remember, it all begins with you.

You never HAVE to do anything. You must WANT to do it.

That means never having to convince the person in the mirror. When you conceive a thought you must take full ownership of it. It is yours. That dream that you possess, it’s your baby- It does not belong to your parents, or your partner, your friend, or anybody else. It was given to you. Work on it, day in and day out. Have discipline, and have the heart to invest time in things that are meaningful to you. Don’t ever act on the momentum of other people’s expectations.

Instead, cultivate an attitude of certainty and follow through on your words.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention.




The world is yours, now go and take it.

Until next time.

Your friend,


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