Inner Peace: The Beauty in Meditation

Incoming message from Tie Fighter. Subject: The why and how of meditation.


I say a lot of things on this blog.

Some are truer than others, depending on the context.

But if there is one thing I can bank on.

It is inner peace gained through meditation.

In my personal and professional life, I deal with a lot of decisions.

Sometimes I immediately like them. Other times I need to morph them into positive ones over time.

I get stressed just like everybody else.

Sometimes I have listeners, other times I don’t. Sometimes there are good distractions, other times not.

But I have realized that in any situation there is always a choice:

A choice between peace and turmoil.

A choice between meditation or frustration.

No matter where you are in life. No matter what things happen to you.

There is always the option to take a step back.

I mean take a step up.

Way up.

Until your head is in the clouds.

Forget your problems. Forget what your childhood was like. Your past doesn’t matter. The future, despite all your efforts towards it, doesn’t matter now.

Some people get frustrated at not attaining peace.

Some people bank on one yoga session per week.

Some people will get mad that they aren’t more peaceful.

These people have missed the point.

You don’t need to be at complete peace 24/7. Life does not work like that. True peace does not work like that.

True peace takes practice and patience. Like anything worth gaining, you must come back to it again and again.

It is a journey.

When you accept that you do not need to “attain” it, you will.

It will be one of the best things you shall ever own.

A medication in meditation.

I use it almost daily.

Here is how I do it.


It’s as simple as finding a comfortable corner, sitting down, and meditating for twenty minutes.

Meditation is simple. It is the act of trying to think about nothing.

Here is one way of visualizing it. Imagine you are floating within a quiet stream flowing within a valley. Along the way, many thoughts will appear into your view. Imagine them to be leaves falling from branches above. The leaves come in different shapes and forms, and they are all interesting. But your goal is not to pick up leaves, but rather to flow in harmony with the current. Going down a train of thought is like holding onto a leaf and examining it. Try not to.

Appreciate it, and just let it go.

Just let your thoughts fall into the receding ripples.

Inner Peace: A Medication in Meditation

Come back again and again to the feeling of nothingness. It will become more familiar each time you visit it.

Visit it often. It is your shrine.

If your shrine is clear, your shine is near.

Until next time,

Your peaceful friend.


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