How to Quit Porn

Listen up Men.

Internet porn is no good. It is unfulfilling entertainment produced by a poisoned industry

It is the Cinnabon of the internet. It looks good and satisfies your urges. However, the price is that you you become hooked and need to consume it regularly. If you don’t consume it you get withdrawal. If you consume it for years your brain becomes a sack of potatoes. In this way, it can become a true addiction.

Porn sucks out your energy, your strength, and your masculinity.despair-1436325

It makes your voice weak. It makes making eye contact more difficult. Constant porn makes you a mental midget who always needs his fix in order to keep level. That’s not a jab at short people. The fact is Bruce Lee and Prince were both mental giants who people looked up to. It’s all in the state of mind, and whether it be diamond or potato is up to you.

In light of that, I don’t want or need to keep talking about why masturbating to porn is bad. I will assume because you are here you are already on the road of quitting.

Here are five ways (tested and proven) to help you quit.


  1. Go to the GYM.

No I don’t mean exercise. I mean go to the gym. I used to do P90X at home every day only to masturbate to porn right after. Do me favor guys. Get a gym membership so you don’t have to exercise anywhere near a source of digital porn.

Tired? Go to the gym. Sad? Go to the gym? Bored? You’re bored because you aren’t sweating and hoisting up iron. Go to the gym.

It doesn’t matter if you are a skinny nerd. What matters is commitment. I respect the guy who is 130 pounds and consistently trying to improve himself a hell lot more than a 180 pound gym-bro that chit-chats for 15 minutes between each set (and who probably watches porn). Both persons will obtain the body, but only one will gain what it takes to succeed in life.

In addition, weight training increases testosterone and releases endorphins. As Arnold says, the feeling of the “pump” is just as good as cumming. When you go to the gym and make sweet love to the weights, you will come out feeling like a hero afterwards.

So stop watching porn and get your ass to the gym.

  1. Have a girlfriend

This is almost unfair. But it isn’t. Get yourself a fine girl, and have intercourse regularly (but not too regularly because you need your sexual energy for other endeavors). This is probably the easiest way to quit. That said not all of us have that luxury.

For those of you who do, take advantage of it.

For those of you who don’t, you’ll be tempted to learn pick-up.


Pick-up is for boys who don’t want to grow up and who just want sex. If you want to be a man who can attract women and gain respect, there is one thing better than charm that you need to have.

Which is this.

  1. Have an Obsession

Yes I use the word obsession. You must have something that motivates you to wake up early every day and keeps you thinking about it at night.

It is your business or your CREATION. In my case it is my career and this blog.

It doesn’t matter what it is. You need to think about it day and night, 24/7/365.

Plan your mode of conquest. When you close your eyes, dream about how good it’s going to be.

When it rewards you, don’t even blink.

Just keep optimizing and keep obsessing. Just keep making it rain.

Somewhere along the lines you won’t even think about porn.

Because your creation will be your new hobby.

  1. Take it step by step

Sometimes nothing works and you are going to relapse one way or another.

No big deal. Take the stuff you are masturbating to and scale it down week by week. You begin with porn movies. Then just clips. Then just images. Then just erotic stories with pictures. You get the idea.

Eventually you can just hover between text and your imagination. The urge to watch porn will go away.

Better yet, you will be re-sensitized so that even an erotic paragraph describing the sexy features of a woman will cause you to have an erection.

And that is a good thing.

  1. Eat Right Sleep Right

Your mood depends on what you feed your body. If you eat like garbage, chances are you will not be happy. If you aren’t happy, that porn film looks a lot more tempting. Again, it’s just like Cinnabon. People who eat it are miserable, and eating it makes them more miserable. By the way, did you know that The CEO of Cinnabon used to be a Hooter’s girl?

Yeah, this business knows a thing or two about manipulating your primitive brain to keep you consuming.

Eat vegetables. Eat red-meat. Eat good fat (avocados, grass-fed butter, fish, and eggs). Eat good complex carbs. Rice is great because I am Chinese and I love rice. It also happens to be gluten free.

Eat like a champion and you will feel like one. Hit the gym and come home to feast like a king. Say no to Cinnabon.

Disregard it.


There you go fellas.

Tell yourself this is easy, and it will be. Tell yourself this is a struggle, and you will struggle. But remember.

Quitting porn is not the ultimate goal. Becoming a stronger and freer man is.

And if you still want to relapse, go read The Relapsed Soul.

Until next time.

Your friend,



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