Focus: The Breakfast of Champions

Your idea of success is different than mine.

Yet something consistently separates the haves and have-nots we encounter in life. That one thing is Focus.

Allow me to elaborate.

Your extraordinary will not be borne of spurts of half-assed effort, but rather a concentrated and consistent trickle of complete dedication.

Your success is sculpted by the daily grind, and by the measured intent on improving ONE thing at a time, rather than a hundred.

At the center of it all lies focus. Focus means sticking your passion out, and dolling out discipline on a daily basis. Focus is waking up knowing what needs to be done and going to bed satisfied by the day’s efforts.

No one is always his highlights. All the great champions in history, from Mike Tyson to Muhammad Ali, had to train for years, sweat buckets, and beat down countless distractions before they were worthy of being a champion. The same goes for any endeavour. Because you desire success- And rightly so- Here is the equation that you must learn to employ:

Success (In endeavour A) = Time (Invested in A) x Effort (Invested in A)

Simple, isn’t it?

The coefficient in becoming proficient in anything is time. If you put most of your time and effort in to one thing, that thing will become your ace.

If you spend all your time bouncing between different commitments, they will all grow slower as result. It is a simple but powerful equation.

The successful person is just a normal person with laser-like intent.

He does not need to be the strongest nor the most gifted. Nor does he need to have all the time in the world. A small amount time spent with absolute focus is enough to yield results in the long run.

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“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses- behind the lines, in the gym…long before I dance under those lights” -Muhammad Ali

Let’s face it.

We want all of our investments to pay dividend. Most of us to want multiple successful assets in order to feel accomplished. That is why people invest in stocks, real-estate, and other financial ventures. It is the same reason why people want more friends. It is the same reason why people will look at you and say “I want more options” or “I want to diversify.” That is all fine and dandy.

Guess what.

We at Truth & Strength are not most of us. Never will be.

The reason why some of us have achieved more than others is not based on the sheer number of “options” we have. The reason why some of us have greater financial rewards, better relationships and more things going for us harkens back to the equation of time and effort.

If you truly want something to succeed, you must invest your time: The most precious and limited of resources.

Moreover, you simply cannot let your mind be pulled in a thousand different directions. The more you have on your plate, the more your priorities are prone to be muffled by noise.

I myself prefer a focused and Spartan approach: Spend at least eighty percent of your time doing what you love, and spend the rest either resting or planning. Your own approach might be different. Whatever your method is, remember this:

Nothing comes of time without effort, and nothing comes of effort without time.

And with that, it is time for you and me to GO GET IT.

Until next time.

Your friend,


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