The Manifesto of Excellence

To my fellow men and women.

To those of the “millennial” generation.

To every parent, child, and citizen.

Allow me this humble opinion:

I respect competence, confidence, and those who dared to fail.

I respect creation, craftsmanship, and the desire to prevail.

I feel none for one who embraces victim-hood,

And who utters “who is he to work for his own good.”

I have nothing to offer such him or her.

Not a grain of pity, either now or ever.

I pity the weak, but not the whining.

Those who take no responsibility.

I walk on, through night and day, without blame of any man.

I choose to live my way, to do so unafraid, and to work when I can.

Only a vulture wants the world for free.

No man can claim your sweat, from here to eternity.

Only your feet can bring you joy, and feat bring your soul a feast.

Only action begets happiness, and your actions must never cease.

No man can oppress or liberate you; it has always been your choice.

But remember what you strive for, for that is your greatest voice.

Finally, to those who have so little,

I say, and remember well:

BEFORE asking anything of others.
Ask everything of yourself.

Nothing is said in empty words of morality.

Nothing is gained in lazy speech.

Everything blossoms through excellence.

And how far a human being can reach.

So reach far and work hard.

And you shall start to see.

You no longer sink beneath the weight of the world.

But can move it easily.


Until next time.

Your friend,


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